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as of date 9/20/2021

Below is the AIR TO EARTH Certified Emission Receipt Registry (“ACER Registry”). The ACER Registry is sortable by column heading and can be searched with dynamic subtotals, printed and/or downloaded as a CSV or PDF file. Information provided includes Retiring Entity, Retirement Reason, Customer ID, Customer Name (as applicable), Retirement Date, Your Service Quantity (metric tons), ACER Type, ACER Jurisdiction, ACER Project Name, Program Pool and ACER Serial Number. The ACER Registry requires independent third-party validation and verification of all ACERs issued, registered and retired pursuant to the AIR TO EARTH Standard.

Total ACERs Retired (metric tons):
Retiring Entity
Retirement Reason
Customer ID
Customer Name
Retirement Date
Your Service Quantity (metric tons)
ACER Jurisdiction
ACER Project Name
Program Pool
ACER Serial Numbers