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We innovate and develop Direct Air Capture (“DAC“) technologies. With each carbon molecule removed from the atmosphere by DAC and sequestered underground, carbon dioxide removal (“CDR”) provides authentic climatic cooling. Corporate demand for CDR by DAC is proven and projected to grow into a trillion-dollar market.

AIR TO EARTH holds U.S. patents on systems and methods that improve the efficiency and lower the cost of DAC. We have performed bench scale tests to validate these systems and methods and have an immediate plan to construct and operate a 360 ton per annum industrial-scale DAC demonstration module.  Our DAC module design is elegantly simple and robust. We have repurposed commercially available materials and equipment to efficiently concentrate CO2 from AIR for utilization or storage here on EARTH.   

Through our industrial partners, we anticipate arranging "n" modules in a patented, hydraulically-efficient manner, to generate supplies of atmospheric CO2 and provide CDR by DAC services for "net-zero" corporates.  

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us below. 


AIR TO EARTH    - Revolutionizing Atmospheric Carbon Removal


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