Air to Earth provides a measurable and low-cost way for you to remove carbon from the air, offering you the chance to offset your emissions and help us build a brighter future for everyone.

Air to Earth   is a socially responsible company that believes every individual should take action to reduce and remove the carbon they generate. We can help you do that. How? It’s simple:

  • We provide a low-cost route for any individual to reduce and remove the carbon they generate

  • Unlike many of our peers, we do so in an audited way, ensuring your subscription is having a real impact on our planet

  • When you subscribe to one of our plans, we purchase and permanently retire emission rights from the regulated power generation sector on your behalf

  • That presents power companies a stark choice: cut fossil fuel emissions or pay up to pollute

By subscribing, your collective net impact delivers the removal of millions of tons of carbon from the air and the acceleration of our transition to clean energy, while at the same time funding innovation and awareness about the need for carbon removal. That’s the Air to Earth promise.




Your carbon removal subscription plan

is used to buy and hold carbon emission rights, advocate for carbon removal, financially support non-profits who promote natural carbon removal pathways and advance innovations in carbon removal technology.

Rights Acquisitions

We use 70% of your subscription for emission rights acquisitions. Governmental agencies use these proceeds to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy, greenhouse gas abatement and other consumer benefit programs. 

Advocacy & Sponsorship

We use 20% of your subscription

(net of transaction costs) to advocate for carbon removal and to support non-profits who promote natural carbon removal pathways. 

Advancing Efficiency

We use 10% of your subscription to advance the efficiency of Direct Air Capture, develop carbon storage and re-usage opportunities and support our parent company, Air to Earth LLC, who is actively engaged in these efforts.



Air to Earth partners with an array of like-minded groups and initiatives from around the world that are working concurrently to further mitigate climate change. Meet some of them below:

“The impacts of climate change present an existential threat to America’s coasts, and Air to Earth’s support of RAE’s work to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere will help us ensure a future for America’s coastal ecosystems and the communities that rely upon them.”  

– Daniel Hayden


“The more carbon below our feet, the better!”

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Ready to start offsetting your emissions today? Air to Earth offers a range of opportunities to suit every individual.