AIR TO EARTH provides a measurable and high integrity way for you to cut absolute U.S. carbon emissions, offering you the chance to build a brighter climate future for everyone

AIR TO EARTH believes everyone should take climate action by cutting their own emissions and by going further. We can help you cut emissions beyond your home. How? It’s simple:

  • When you subscribe to one of our plans, we reduce emissions by irrevocably removing carbon pollution rights that would otherwise be used by the U.S. power sector.

  • AIR TO EARTH  Certified Emission Receipts, or ACERs, are backed by carbon pollution rights that we remove from use in a manner that is accurately measured and verified by 11 states and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Independent auditors certify ACERs as being backed by these rights.

  • To subscribe, simply create an account and select the plan that works best for you. We will email an order confirmation thanking you for your climate leadership.

By subscribing, your climate action aggregated with others has the potential to reduce absolute U.S. carbon emissions by millions of tons each year.




Your emissions cutting subscription plan

removes pollution rights that would otherwise be consumed by the

U.S. power sector, supports natural carbon removal and

innovates the technology of Direct Air Capture,

a deep decarbonization net-zero solution


Pollution Rights Removal 

We use 70% of your subscription to remove carbon pollution rights. Governmental agencies auction these rights and use the proceeds to fund clean energy programs and assist underserved and low-income communities.

Natural Carbon Removal

We use 20% of your subscription

(net of third party transaction costs) to support non-profits who promote natural carbon removal pathways and to advocate for carbon removal.

Direct Air Capture.jpeg

Technology Innovation

We use 10% of your subscription to advance the efficiency of Direct Air Capture, develop carbon storage and re-usage opportunities and support our affiliates who are actively engaged in these efforts.


We link carbon removal innovation to these cuts, to catalyze breakthroughs needed NOW to achieve planetary net-zero by 2050. AIR TO EARTH partners with an array of like-minded groups and initiatives from around the world that are working concurrently to innovate direct air capture, fund nature-based solutions and develop projects that can remove carbon from the atmosphere. Meet some of them below:

"Capturing CO2 from air, the focus of our joint project between the

Texas A&M Energy Institute and Air to Earth, is an important building

block in such a decarbonization effort."

– Stratos Pistikopoulos


“The impacts of climate change present an existential threat to America’s coasts, and Air to Earth’s support of RAE’s work to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere will help us ensure a future for America’s coastal ecosystems and the communities that rely upon them.”  

– Daniel Hayden


“The more carbon below our feet, the better!”

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Ready to cut carbon emissions beyond your home?

AIR TO EARTH offers a range of opportunities to suit every individual.