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We innovate Direct Air Capture (“DAC“) technologies. With each carbon molecule removed from the atmosphere, DAC provides authentic climatic cooling... and improves the likelihood of limiting planetary warming to under 2˚ C relative to pre-industrial levels.

AIR TO EARTH  holds U.S. patents on systems and methods that improve the efficiency and lower the cost of DAC. We are presently performing bench scale tests on these systems and methods - part of our plan to construct a commercial-scale demonstration module and an A2E DAC Unit that arranges 48 such modules in a hydraulically efficient and patented manner.


We anticipate performing carbon removal services for "net-zero" corporates who desire to remove their difficult to abate carbon emissions in a measurable way. Demand for these services is projected to grow into a trillion-dollar industry, which will be priced to generate infrastructure level returns on investment. Our mission is to innovate the technology of DAC to drive down the cost of these services, one carbon molecule at a time. 

We expect to site A2E DAC Units at carbon hubs throughout the world, to maximize net carbon capture efficiency directly from AIR… for utilization or permanent storage deep in the EARTH... AIR TO EARTH.

If you are interested in having a conversation with us about ways to collaborate as we pursue our mission, please reach out to us below. 

AIR TO EARTH - Revolutionizing Atmospheric Carbon Removal


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